Reset, Reclaim,

Achieve more by doing less.

Be more Laser Focused than you ever thought possible

Imagine being 100% focused on what you want, have a clear, exciting achievable plan on how to get there and a life where you can achieve that and more while having time and energy to do all the things you love!

Have you caught yourself working harder than you’ve ever worked before?

Wanting to achieve more? Passion to do big things? Wondering where that month went?
Juggling overwhelm? Want next level performance?  Conflicting priorities or lack balance? 
No time for family? Would like to go home with energy? Wanting to instill performance habits? 

Sound like you, read on!

Reconnect to your Authentic Self – then leverage

Often, we get caught up in life and BAU (business as usual).

We’re flat out, juggling multiple and sometimes conflicting priorities; we lose sight of what’s important.

We may not have time for holidays or if we do we’re still checking emails; we don’t get enough down time to recharge, so get sick on holidays.

We’re working hard, but not seeming to get anywhere.You know the drill.

Or we get to a point, where we just go … you know what, I want more, I know I can achieve more and really make a difference!

Prioritise yourself – do something now!

The calendar days will keep ticking, in 12 months you want to look back and see what you’ve achieved.  There is never a better time than now, to take back the controls, unlock your potential and shape your future.

Amazing growth  occurs  from  taking a step forward,  becoming familiar with the unfamiliar and  learning to be  comfortable being  uncomfortable.

The place of your greatest discomfort is  your greatest opportunity. 

Leverage Your Stand Out Advantage!

Reset – Reclaim – Elevate

Our 8 Performance pillars to help you strengthen your ‘standout factor’ to unlock potential and achieve new growth.

Uncover your Standout Factor.

We will guide you through spotlighting and exploring Your
Authentic Brand – WHAT you stand for.

Your Purpose - WHY you do what you do

Your Reputation – so you can leverage to reach new heights.

Lock in success habits to set you up for success.

You are what you repeatedly do – so let us make sure your habits are working for you.

CUE UP is about spotlighting your habits and how you can build habits that support rather than derail your goals.

Being more consciously aware of the finer things you are doing is crucial to high performance.

Become laser focused on what you want to achieve.

High performers have a clear goal and know what they want and how they will get there.

In GOAL UP, you will set goals you want to achieve and pull together a game plan on how to get there.

This will give you clarity and direction!

Use your mindset to fuel your success.

For increased speed to be better capability, confidence, or capacity we will focus on the power your thinking will have on your feelings, behaviours, and outcomes.

We can achieve the healthiest physical state but if our attitude is poor, or our belief patterns negative, all our good work will be undone.

Gain the controls back – achieve what you want.

You may be feeling that you are overflowing with schedules, feel overwhelmed with so many distractions.

This is your chance to refine your skills, create routines and rituals which will underpin heightened results.

This is your chance to create your new norm.

You will be more focused and calmer.

You will achieve more in your day.

Wake up invigorated and ready to take on the world.

Ahh and the next one, a lot of people struggle with…. SLEEP

Sleep is a healthy state of renewal and regeneration; it is critical to live and even more so to high performance.

We will help you instil healthy sleep principals to help you achieve healthy sleeping patterns, so you are ready to take on the day and be the best you!

Take on your day with renewed energy so you can be your best.

Breathing, hydration and nutrition are the foundations of life. We focus on principals of healthy eating; we do not talk diets we give solid hacks.

Research states that our bodies are approximately 70% water. It is no wonder we suffer mentally, physically and emotionally from poor hydration.

Vitality blast! Feel amazing and revitalised.

Hacks to get you stretching and moving to energise and revitalise, as well as sleeping better.

Your greatest opportunity is now.

Take the controls, lean in and take the first step.

Time is irreplaceable

Limitations are just a belief system, and excuses are just road-blocks holding you back.

Don’t miss out! Very limited spaces, act now!

We have  purposely kept the group size small as we believe this is essential to deliver the best results.

It also optimises your time, especially on YOUR online LIVE small groups coaching sessions.

LIMITED intakes each month. Each intake is limited to a small number of people.

Take the Controls! Show-up and be noticed. 
How much better would your life be, your relationships be, if you were optimizing your strengths, passions and what’s important to you?

  1. Create  and imbed high performance  rituals,  disciplines,  and  habits.
  2.  Reclaim  your  personal power, focus, and  gain clarity  to lock-in what’s important to you.
  3. Transform  less desirable habits into defining behaviors.
  4. Define   unleash, and leverage  your authentic brand and professional reputation.
  5. Accelerate   your growth  with  a comprehensive yet simple formula.
  6. Optimise  your time  and energy  for  rewarding  results.
  7. Challenge  your ways of working, ways of operating to reclaim  the controls.

We get the results because Your Infinite Potential Formula TM is  not an automated programme that just drip feeds you content. Many online programmes leave you feeling isolated; our number one priority is to make sure you don’t! We are committed to helping you achieve results and have  designed the programme to accelerate your growth and to ensure you feel connected.

Your Transformational programme includes:

Live Sessions

One LIVE online small group session each week for your 8-week programme.

Nothing beats a LIVE forum: a place to ask questions and to listen to questions from others too. We want you to have regular face-to-face time with us so we can help you gain your desired results quickly.

8 Performance Pillars

Weekly transformational modules are released for the first 8-weeks.

Each module focuses on a performance pillar, full of dynamic videos and exercises led by Kirsten and expert speakers sharing hacks to assist you reach new heights.

We estimate you will spend 1.5-2 hrs per week working on each performance pillar.

Follow-up challenges

Your level of performance lift and results will be in direct proportion to your level of practice.

 You will be setting follow-up actions within each module to help imbed your new learnings. It is the refinement of the smallest of details that will deliver the greatest results. We will set you a challenge in every module too!

12 months’ access

12 months’ access to  Your Infinite Potential FormulaTM 

That is an additional 10 months’ access following on from your 8-week programme. We appreciate people learn at different speeds and life can sometimes get in the way. We do not want you to miss out.

Ongoing Live Calls

You can join in on monthly online coaching calls which are open to the full Your Infinite Potential FormulaTM  community.

We will  still be unlocking  BONUS modules  to keep you fresh.


You will  receive a certificate on completion. Some people place it on their wall, others add it to their online resumes or use as proof for professional development points.


Bonuses – we all love these!

Be ready to be blown away – you won’t just get all the amazing value you currently see here and in the portal… we love to surprise and delight.
CHECK-OUT our two most POPULAR BONUSES already waiting for you!

Cohort Kick-off Live Call

Let’s connect-up personally straight away.

We want to take away any nerves or overwhelm you may have so we kick off your cohort with a small group call so we can connect and I can show you around what amazing things you have in-store to help you reclaim, reset and achieve that growth.

1-on-1 Zoom Call With Kirsten!

This is your personal call with Kirsten.

We’re committed to you getting your results, so much so we want you to know that you have a 20 minute 1-on-1 Zoom call  that you can book in anytime during your 8-week programme.

This is your opportunity to have 1-on-1 time with me so I can give you individual attention to help you unlock your potential.

MORE BONUSES TO BE UNLOCKED!  Bonus modules will be unlocked when you hit certain programme stages or when we have something new we know  you will  want to see.

It’s your time – leverage your standout factor

Reset – reconnect and elevate to heights you’ve always dreamed of!

Remember numbers are limited! Don’t miss out on working with me and my team in our exclusive training, you’ll be part of a small cohort so you get more tailored support.


We are offering the winner of the RCSA 3-day Reset Challenge the opportunity to work with us.

Valued at NZD$1,997.


  • 8 weeks of exclusive training to unlock your potential
  • Cohort kick off call
  • 8 x weekly small group virtual coaching sessions
  • 1-on-1 coaching call with me
  • Bonus modules … always there to surprise you with more value
  • 12 months access to YourIPF platform and the community1

This programme is about stepping up to your infinite potential; maximizing your productivity for sustainable, rejuvenating high performance.

With your desire, commitment, focus and discipline, along with patience and doing the work, you will achieve heightened results.

Want results, work with me

I’ve loved working with the RCSA and their members; assisting leaders to grow and elevate their confidence, capability and performance.

My passion and craft is helping business leaders, presenters and sales professionals, who want to go places, leverage their potential for faster growth.


I thrive on helping people accelerate their growth to achieve their goals faster. We help you deliver lasting change through embedding new strategies, habits and disciplines.I have spent over 20 years and worked with thousands of people, I’ve worked with top executives, high performing people and those wanting to optimize their capability capacity and confidence in their field – to be the best they can be and reach new heights.

I have watched people learn, grow and transform themselves from quiet unassuming positions to top executive roles; I’ve worked with leaders who lacked confidence to bring their authentic self to the table, who ended up being inspirational leaders; I’ve worked with so many people from all walks of life, careers and industries. The one thing they all had in common was the willingness and desire to step up to new heights, go into unchartered territory, ride the wave of uncertainty and chaos to breakthrough into the calm of new refined them.

Our clients  have been asking  us  for years to launch a comprehensive online programme that is 100% focused on uplifting potential and assisting people  to  be their best. We are  excited to say that  it’s  finally here. We  didn’t do this lightly. We did a lot of research and gained extra  feedback to  enable us to develop a programme that delivers  results; an uplifting programme that is relevant for  you in  today’s environment.

This programme is about stepping up to your infinite potential; reclaiming your authentic self, becoming laser focused and leveraging for performance.

We ask you to: Commit to raising your standards Commit to peak performance and being your best authentic self

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery, than mastery of oneself.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

It’s your time! Join us now!

Connect with us for Growth Tips and Resources



We’ve put together a list of commonly asked questions that you may find helpful.

Absolutely! Every person has a different routine so the programme has been designed so you can jump on 24/7.

The weekly online LIVE small group coaching sessions are the only scheduled weekly events.

Each week for 8 weeks a new module is released. This allows you to diarise  so you have time locked in.

Do not  forget  the BONUS modules – they are released  adhoc  and add even more value!

You will have weekly online LIVE small group coaching calls throughout the 8-week programme.

These sessions are only for people in your intake to keep it personalised and more rewarding for you.

You will have access for 12 months. Your Infinite Potential FormulaTM  programme is officially 8 weeks. However, we want you to get results and be able to go back to review as you go forward. We also want you to be able to access new insights and resources. Do not  forget, that even after your 8-week programme, you will  still receive bonus modules and be invited to the monthly community online LIVE session.

Of course, we are  here to help you.

In addition to the LIVE sessions we are always available by email and through the chat feature within our Your Infinite Potential FormulaTM  site.

Your Infinite Potential FormulaTM  is packed full of valuable hacks and techniques. However, if you join us and decide within 14 days that it is not for you then we will refund exactly what you paid for the programme.

The programme is designed to take 8-weeks. The modules will take you an average of approximately 1-2 hours per week plus your optional weekly online LIVE small group coaching session.

All your exercise notes are captured in your own Journal so you can review, fine tune, and download at any stage.

Kirsten and the Infinitus team are leaders in helping businesses and people unlock their potential for infinite growth.
They are passionate and driven to assist you to step up to your infinite potential!


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