Uplifting Sales Results Achieved

One of NZ largest finance organisations needed to deliver a refreshed and multi-disciplined sales programme. Infinitus® stepped in to develop the sales team to achieve new paradigms of success.

What we did:

Infinitus® commenced with a full analysis of the current situation to ascertain needs. We conducted research and focus groups, then designed a bespoke multifaceted learning solution which included:

  • on-job coaching
  • self-directed activities
  • e-learning modules
  • practical workshops
  • … and ongoing development activities, quick reference guides and assessments.

What we achieved:

  • A WOW reaction at launch – 100% reported engagement and motivation from staff
  • A saving of 50% workshop time, saving the client loss productivity from travelling staff
  • Faster application of staff skills into the workplace
  • Staff proactively utilised the quick reference guides in their day to day work