Our Products & Services

InfinitusTM partners with you to build an uplifting customised solution for your professional needs.

Infinitus™ In all cases will prescribe solutions to suit your budget but more importantly, to deliver long-term continual results. Specific organisational needs will be highlighted by an organisational diagnostic initiated prior to implementation.

The Infinitus™ team facilitates all professional development solutions based on ‘participant centred’ methods. These actively encourage a high level of participation.

The creation of a relaxed atmosphere cultivates an energising and supportive learning environment leaving participants motivated and up.

Infinitus™ professional development solutions will typically be comprised of  a mixture of the products and services below:

Our focus is on increasing human capability and streamlining business efficiencies in order to uplift business performance. We work at all levels of the organisation to deliver a comprehensive change program. To ensure the greatest return on investment we like to understand your organisational goals and challenges and develop a strategic solution accordingly:


Interactive practical development

Ranging from 1–4 days, workshops are practical and interactive. Recommended for between 6–12 participants, workshops will involve action planning and individual, small group and group exercises using real-life case studies applicable to your organisation. Workshops require pre-work and follow up by participants. Attendance certificates are presented.


Motivational how-tos

Ranging from 1–3 hours, theatre-style seminars are motivational and practical, designed to answer real business needs with new knowledge and practical learning delivered by skilled professionals. Seminars can be tailored to your organisation and use real-life case studies from your industry for maximum impact.


Developmental consulting

Strategic consulting and focus-group facilitation is available if you wish to conduct an analysis of internal systems, processes and tools before embarking on a developmental pathway for your organisation.

Advice can take the shape of a coffee meeting or a formal engagement with written recommendations, depending on your preferences.


Multi-faceted solutions

For clients interested in a multi-faceted, long-term solution, Infinitus™ offers customised programmes across all areas of expertise. These will be a mix of some or all products and services.
A wellness programme, for example, may include: workshops, seminars, focus groups, expos, health assessments, wellness vouchers (to reward and incentivise your staff), inter-team challenges, one-on-one fitness coaching and strategic advice around developmental platforms for your business.

The blueprint for a programme (the appropriate mix of products and services) will be designed once an initial diagnostic has been completed.


Personalised development

Some people respond best to one-on-one attention with a coach/mentor. Coaching results in quick gains as it enables a concentrated effort on an individual’s exact needs. In keeping with the Infinitus™ philosophy, coaching will be tailored to individual and organisational goals and be focused on measurable outcomes. Coaches are specialists in their particular sphere and range from sales professionals, IT gurus and business leaders to wellness professionals such as personal trainers and nutritionists.


Uplifting speakers and wellness expos

Infinitus™ can match uplifting keynote presenters to your conference or event. These are inspirational, vibrant presenters covering a range of topics that are fun, interactive and thought provoking.

Our capability in regard to expos ranges from guest speaking to total event organisation. If it is a wellness expo for example, we can run seminars or workshops and offer compelling guest speakers while the client arranges all other details. Alternatively, we are well versed in providing turn-key solutions from planning the theme and format, to marketing motivational and inspiring wellness events that achieve maximum attendance — ensuring a high-quality experience for
all on the day.


Wellness vouchers to reward your team

Reward your employees well! A range of wellness vouchers are available for purchase. Vouchers offer you a unique means of rewarding employees or clients. Wellness vouchers also make a great thank you gift for referrals or new business.

There are a variety of discounted wellness-related services to choose from; consultations with a nutritionist or personal trainer, Pilates classes,
massages and image styling.