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 We partner with you to build a ‘real’, ‘relevant’ and engaging solutions that will uplift performance.

We don’t do ‘average’ and we definitely don’t do ‘tick the box’ so to ensure the greatest return on investment we like to truly understand you, your business, your culture, goals and challenges and develop a ‘real and relevant’strategic and practical solution.
We work with you to create solutions to deliver both immediate and sustainable results.

Our team believes in full engagement and involvement.

The creation of a relaxed, yet laser focused partnership creates energy and a supportive environment leaving you and your team motivated and excited to implement new learning and ways of working.

We partner with you to uplift and unlock potential to deliver enhanced performance. Outlined below are some of the services we offer.

Our focus is on uplifting and unlocking potential and streamlining ways of working for enhanced performance. We work at all levels of the organisation to deliver a comprehensive change program to ensure you reach your desired outcomes.

We partner with you to uplift and unlock potential to deliver enhanced performance.


Our strategic advice is based on firstly getting to know you, your business, your goals and challenges. We don’t over complicate things we keep things real, relevant and on point in today’s ever changing market place.
Once we have this information we become laser focused to deliver outcomes.
We assist you to turn opportunities or problems into solutions.
We can assist with as little as a conversation or as much as a full growth strategy and tactical game plan. In other words, we provide the how not just the what and why.


For immediate and sustainable results, learning needs to be 100% relevant, valuable and deliver results.
A development programme over 3-10 months creates momentum, engagement and increased business results.
We combine various engagement and learning methods to best suit your business and team – from retreats, face to face sessions, virtual sessions, online learning, group work, 1-on-1, self directed learning and lots more.
We align thinking, create agile best practice along with solid frameworks and actions to ensure uplifted confidence, capability and capacity.


Transformational practical leadership retreats delivering a true ‘out of office’ experience so you have a clear mind, greater creativity and learning capacity.
Comprehensive, accelerated leadership development programmes, which have been designed based on 20 years of proven and practical experience assisting businesses and leaders throughout New Zealand and internationally grow and transform.


Interactive practical development workshops.
Our workshops are an environment to learn new hacks and be inspired to take action, uplift results and enhance performance through focusing on an end goal, and then bringing it back to day to day action and routines.
Once we’ve locked down your desired outcomes and understand your business we design pre-work to get everyone thinking and interest spiking; we facilitate the workshop which is engaging, practical and finishes with action planing. Third stage are follow-up actions – it is after the workshop that magic happens.


Each coaching programme is totally unique and focuses on the needs and style of the business and coachee.
Coaching provides a fresh, neutral approach and perspective.
Regular one-on-one sessions are held for greater momentum and traction; and conclude with a clear and tangible action plan which they coachee executes prior to the next session with their uplifted confidence and capability.
Sessions can be held face to face or virtually.


Our keynote speakers and MC’s are inspiring, energising and love what they do. They will have your delegates fully involved throughout the session – we don’t talk at them we work with them.
Your session would be 100% tailored your event; it will be interactive and thought provoking.

Would you like your team to hold centre stage – we can build their confidence and deliver compelling presentations confidently.

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