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Leverage Communication to Strengthen Culture

Culture, Leadership & Communication - go hand in hand together! Have you checked you Comms lately?

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8 min watch – Episode 1

Are you wasting your time communicating? Is it really adding value!

Key practical tips shared in this episode:

Key practical tips shared this week:

  1. Getting to grips with the different types of communication and how to maximise these
  2. Uplifting your culture by creating awesome communication opportunities daily
  3. Revisiting your Comms Strategy and thinking outside the norm
  4. Keeping your communication authentic
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7.5 min watch – Episode 2

No one needs more communication; it’s about being more relevant.

The pulse of your people are at the centre of this episode.

Key practical tips shared this week:

  1. Myth busting on when your employee experience actually starts and what to do!
  2. Activating bravery from within and embracing technology
  3. Leveraging your leadership position and being purposeful with your communication
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7.45 min watch – Episode 3

Are you wanting to strengthen your position as a Leader? Do you aspire to be someone people want to listen to?

Key practical tips shared this week:

  1. Leveraging your internal communication to elevate your brand and reputation
  2. How to create powerful (and memorable) communication 
  3. Mastering the art of storytelling 
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9 min watch – Episode 4

Deliver on-point, memorable and authentic messages – everytime!

Key practical tips shared this week:

  1. Getting agile with your communication
  2. Raising your self-awareness to new heights
  3. Activating different leadership styles and identifying opportunities for change

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