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Leading Authentically

What’s your Standout Factor? Here’s a ‘How-to’ series on how you can build your Authentic Leader style!

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Episode 1 – 8 min watch

Our power packed 5-part series on Leading Authentically kicks off with a deep dive into understanding Authentic Leadership. We take the mystery out of what it means, what it looks like and how it applies to you each day.

Key practical tips shared this week:

  1. What Authentic Leadership means and why it’s important
  2. Roles of leaders and getting clarity about what it looks like
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Episode 2 – 10min watch

Have you got to grips with your own leadership style? Does it reflect who you are at all times – not just at work?

This episode unlocks the power of your leadership brand!

Key practical tips shared this week:

  1. Know your signature – define what you stand for
  2. Understanding Daniel Goleman’s Leadership Styles
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Episode 3 – 8 min watch

Have you ever thought that your reputation is something you take hold of and own? Often, we overlook our reputation when we think about Leading Authentically – this episode lifts the lid on what you can do right now to create your desired reputation.

Key practical tips shared this week:

  1. The 3 stages of reputation
  2. Spotlighting your reputation and taking control
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Episode 4 – 9min watch

Previous episodes looked at your authentic self – this episode challenges you to truly elevate your leadership capability by focusing on leading differently.

Key practical tips shared this week:

  1. The 5 levels of leadership – where are you at?
  2. Adapting your style for optimal performance
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10 min watch – Episode 5

Create immediately clarity on where your team are in relation to Performance and Culture. 

Our Performance/Culture Model is an easy-to-use tool to create a nifty guide for leaders on the types of constructive conversations to have with team members to lift their performance and embed culture alignment. 

Key practical tips shared this week:

  1. The Performance/Culture Model 
  2. How and when to use it to get the best for your business and team 

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