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Create Lasting Change - throw out 21 day theory

Have you ever wanted to learn something new ….

> you tried, but for some reason over time it all went back to the old way.
> you want to get started but never found the time or took the first step.

Learning how to apply proven behaviour design formula, you will achieve your new routines – easier and quicker.


BJ Fogg, Behavior Scientist, Stanford University

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Tiny Habits: The small changes that change everything

Let’s create everlasting change with rock solid behaviours and routines that will transform and elevate your career life!

I'm loving working with BJ Fogg!

I have studied with, and am still studying Behaviour Change with Behaviour Scientist at Stanford University; Founder of Sanford University’s Behaviour Design Lab and Author of Tiny Habits, BJ Fogg.

BJ is a Behaviour Scientist and has dedicated his to studying behaviour change. As one of his accredited and certified Tiny Habits Coaches, I am certified in his  methods and models that we know really changes behaviour.

It really is a privelidge to one of only a small number of certified coaches in New Zealand that specialise in this area.

How does 5 days to create a new behaviour sound to you?

You may have heard of old, outdated and superseded times to imbed new behaviours and habits.
You may have heard it takes 21-28 days; or even 44 days.
The latest research based on studies with well over 40,000 people is when you use BJ’s models you can see changes within 5-days!

For hacks and insights into Using Baby Steps to Form Healthy Habits

If you and your team are serious about learning, growing and optimal performance, then lets chat. We can create a masterclass to suit your audience, location, group size and location; check out below some of our most popular formats.


Transform your Team Away Days with an invigorating and inspiring 45-90 min keynote.

These Keynotes are transformational, practical and everyone will walk away with a clear path on how to set themselves up and enhance their life.

LIVE Zoom Masterclass

Whether it’s adding a invigorating ‘out of the norm’ to our regular team meet-ups or as a stand along virtual session; I can create a LIVE Zoom Masterclass that will have you and your team looking at performance and what they do in a given moment, like they never have before!

In-person Workshops

When teams are serious about uplifting performance, reaching new heights, and unlocking their potential, then I can tailor one of our proven ‘Rock-Solid Habits for Optimal Performance’ workshops for you.

Every person leaves not only invigorated, but with their own plan-on-a page!

5-Day Habit Challenge!

You and your team will love this!

Bring your team together to do a 5-Day Habit Challenge – it involves a couple of virtual sessions, personalise daily emails to see how you are tracking and short, sharp videos from BJ on daily tips to really help you get a lift every day!

Love you to join me on Clubhouse

@kirstenleng and join one of our Habit Rooms!

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