Our team


Kirsten Leng

Founder and Director

“The human mind, body and spirit hold an infinite reservoir of potential. We’re excited about developing that potential and seeing every aspect of client performance go UP as a result”
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Alex Davids

High Performance Coach

Alex is a global high-performance coach focused on helping leaders, business owners and teams maximize performance. Learn more


Zita Thomas

Presentation and Customer Service Associate

“In an age where service and communication is your point of difference, empowering your people to stepUP and exceed expectations is paramount.”
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Kim Rippon

HR Associate

Described as a highly astute, straight-shooting HR practitioner and an extremely valuable asset to have on your side, Kim has provided outsourced services and managed projects for small and large businesses in various industries including Trades, Retail, Professional Services, Media, IT, Recruitment and Law. Learn more


Sue Blair

Leadership Coach & Associate

Sue is an experienced management coach, specialising in personality-based professional development. Learn more


Kay Fenton

Articulate Storyline Developer

Kay is a very experienced Articulate Storyline developer who is passionate about delivering quality, interactive training programmes. Her extensive experience in business and the educational sector, together with a Master of Education degree, ensures that the material she develops is based on sound educational principles.
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Faustine Bougro

Graphic Designer

Faustine is a French global designer with experience working on various products
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Angela Beddek

IT Associate

“We ensure our learning environments are supportive, relevant and motivating. Our key philosophy is to empower staff to read their full potential”
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Our partners


Cinch HR

Cinch HR is all about demystifying HR ‘’people stuff” and providing piece of mind to small businesses through no fluff HR solutions. We are all about providing easy, down to earth, no fluff HR advice so you can focus on driving the success of your business.


Kiwi Work Safe

Every Kiwi deserves a safe workplace.
We’re here to help you deliver
on this promise, with comprehensive,

affordable services and advice.


LinkIT Group

Providing a range of services including training strategy, instructional design and support for a range of Microsoft and business applications.


Max Marketing

Bespoke marketing solutions which deliver results.


Personality Dynamics

Personality typing that’s easy to understand!



Writing inspired brand story that sits at the crossroads of you, your competitors and customers.


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