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Onboard for Sustained Success

Rev up those onboarding programmes so your newbie is achieving faster and feels that awesome sense of belonging and success.

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6 min watchEpisode 1

Ever had or heard of a buyer’s remorse on a big-ticket item?  

Well, guess what – acceptance remorse for your new employee(s) is very real and can kick in within the first few weeks. 

In this 3-part series, we’ll be sharing practical tips to create a Stand-out Onboarding. 

Practical tips shared:

  • Likely outcomes you can expect when you plan your onboarding for success 
  • Get curious – do an audit of your current onboarding plan
  • Key questions you should be asking yourself with each new starter  

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8 min watchEpisode 2

Get ready to rev up your Onboarding so your newbie is achieving in their role and they feel that awesome sense of belonging and achievement.  

Practical tips shared: 

  • Top ten best practice onboarding ideas 
  • Framing up those first 30 days – here’s a hint, it starts from the moment that employment agreement is signed!
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8 min watchEpisode 3

Let’s grab hold of the 30-day success plan you’ve created and elevate this to include a 60-day and 90-day plan and then evolve what you do , to knock their socks off and optimsie results.   

Practical tips shared:

  • Ideas to elevate your onboarding plan
  • Keeping your newbie’s attention sustained and embedding that sense of belonging and learning 
  • Using multiple modalities and people to get the best from your plan 
  • Making the process repeatable 

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