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Leverage Post-Break Energy!


Our “Are You Ready?” series focuses on bottling post-holiday energy and using the opportunity to build engagement and activate your business plans!

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5½ min watch – Episode 1

There’s nothing like that feeling of returning to work relaxed, refreshed and ready for action.  Our “Are You Ready?” series focusses on bottling that feeling and using the opportunity to build engagement and activate your business plans!  We kick off this series with the episode “Leveraging a refreshed team”.

Practical tips shared:

  1. Knowing your business goals 
  2. Revisiting or renewing your SWOT
  3. Building people engagement 

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7 min watch – Episode 2

Your Employee Value Proposition plan likely includes the topic of keeping your people engaged at work. So, let’s leverage those holiday highs and get your team excited about what the social aspect of your engagement plan looks like! 

Practical tips shared: 

  1. Avoiding the humdrum of social engagement plans 
  2. Delivering an engagement session that gets your team revved up!

Coming up with ideas for social engagement can be tricky right! We’ve dealt with that for you and have created a calendar you can use a prompt.

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7 min watch – Episode 3

Let’s get those Team Away Days rocking! 

 Practical tips shared:

  1. Maximising the impact of your team session or day away
  2. Key components of a team session or day away
  3. Reviewing our leadership styles – are we coaching or being more directive and when to change? 
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6 min watch – Episode 4

We’re still riding that holiday high, we know where we’re going and what the future looks like. Now is the time to bring all the hard work together, to leverage that momentum and activate the plan. 

Practical tips shared:

  1. Practical tips on how to activate those big plans.  chunking, framing and creating your 30, 60 and 90 plans
  2. Taking this one step further and building 7, 14 and 21 day plans to really lift your game 
  3. Checking in on our behaviour habits – are the working with us or against us? 

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