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Turbo boost your Authentic Leadership Style!

Practical and proven insights you can implement immediately

February 2022

RETREAT: *2pm, Tue 8th - Fri 11th March 2022

if you'd like individual attention - we have a maximum of 12 people!

Accelerate your Authentic Leadership Capability & Confidence

Are you ambitious and want to be the best leader you can be? One that people want to be led by?

Our transformational programme will give you the tools, skills and confidence to do just that.

Around the world we have seen so many changes since the start of 2020 - now is a great time to RESET, REFOCUS and RECLAIM what really is important to you.

We want you to clarify what is important to you, what do you stand for and how can you leverage that so every day you bring your best self to work, you are the leader people want to be led by, one that delivers results but then, can go home and spend time with their family, friends and doing the thing you love.

We help you RESET, get clear and refocused. Be prepared for healthy changes that excite you.

With a max. of 12 people, we focus on your ROI!
Check out what some of our clients say ...

Nick Looseley, Everybody Eats

“Probably the best thing about the course is the expertise of the guest speakers…and recognising that leadership isn’t about you, it’s about the other people in your team.”

Jamie, GM

“The really cool thing about this course is that it covers the whole range, not just financials or leadership. You can apply what you learn to so many aspects of your life, and understanding more about personalities has been great.”

Toni, Consultant

“I think for anyone as an inspiring leader or someone who is currently managing a team and doesn’t realise they are a leader…this toolkit is so beneficial on so many levels.”

Rob, Director

“This course was unbelievably powerful in teaching me how to actually be as a person, all day every day, and not as an act.”

Be the leader you're proud of, that people want to be led by, and one who goes home with energy to do other things they love.

Max 12 people