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“The world’s best theories and methodologies are just that. Tearing them off the page and turning them into exciting, doable learning and action,s is where the real ah-ha moments happen.”

Kirsten Leng

Leadership change agent, keynote speaker, facilitator and performance coach

A business transformation specialist with a track record of delivering change, embedding new behaviours and fundamentally improving organizational performance through enhanced Human Capital.

Kirsten is the founder and Director of Infinitus. A career dedicated to understanding how to create high performing business cultures means she knows people and understands what makes businesses grow.

Kirsten will get to the core of a business and will work with stakeholders to create and execute strategies to ignite or accelerate change. Her insights and skills are honed through many years of experience. She cuts straight to the chase to convert potential into performance and is relentless about setting and delivering outcomes.

While her approach is down to earth, Kirsten’s work is underpinned by robust, globally accepted best-practice theories. She deals in reality, with methodologies that make sense and can be implemented, measured and sustained. She is a gifted communicator and facilitator ensuring that she gets full engagement from the people she works with.

Kirsten recognises the privilege of being entrusted with the work she does. She is driven by delivering commercial, professional and personal results and holds both herself and her clients, to account.

Businesses seek Kirsten out when they require:

  • Growth in the Leadership capability within their organization
  • Fundamental change in Sales culture and performance
  • Team members to improve their presentation and communication skills
  • Customer experience to be more closely align with the overall business strategy
  • A more resilient and high-performance team
  • Often Kirsten’s role goes beyond consultancy, with many clients regarding her as an integral part of their management team.

Accelerate the personal and professional development of individuals, and in turn, the transformation of entire organisations.

MARKET LEADER: Kirsten consistently delivers tangible outcomes that impact both individual performance and organisational bottom line. She is THE market leader in the performance development space.
INCISIVE AND AGILE. Like a missile, listens, quickly grasps each unique business landscape, assimilates and gets on with creating outcomes. Adapts and customises strategies. No cookie cutter approach. She gets it
A CATALYST. Will listen, probe and quickly recognise issues and potential. Will stop at nothing to unlock it. A reputation for getting the best out of individuals across all levels.
EXPERT/ AN AUTHORITY. Work is underpinned by robust, scientific performance framework. Strong on knowledge, methodology and processes, but also knows how to deliver for best outcome.
RELATABLE: A natural storyteller and facilitator. Has a warm approach and a rich pool of stories and anecdotes. Knows when and how to use real life examples to really drive home learnings and make a point.
ACCOUNTABLE. Outcomes and measurability are hard-wired onto every project. Holds self and others to account.
DEVOTED AND DETERMINED. Treats every project with the same enthusiasm, professionalism and absolute determination to deliver the outcomes. Always stretching self and others to evolve, grow, get better and better.

What Kirsten’s Clients Say

General Manager
General Manager
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Personally I couldn’t recommend Kirsten more highly. Kirsten has been critical in working with our business units to identify key business drivers and enablers. Her professionalism, understanding of key business metrics and drive to deliver commercial business results has been exceptional”.
Sales Development Manager
Sales Development Manager
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I would have no hesitation in recommending Kirsten to other organisations keen to engage a facilitator who is energetic, committed and thoroughly professional in every sense of the word”.
HR Manager
HR Manager
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“Dynamic, dedicated and down to earth! These are words I often use to describe Kirsten. Kirsten has taken the time to fully understand our complex business, culture as well as the training the development needs to staff, so as to assist in ensuring our business needs are met. Her training is specific and focuses and is always tailored to meet individual needs”.
General Manager
General Manager
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“Kirsten organised, wrote, facilitated, motivated, and trained our senior managers, including our Sales Managers. Kirsten’s success was outstanding. The result of these initiatives increased our revenue over the 8 years by approximately $3 million”.