Growth Tips

Growth Tips

Are you wanting to set yourself apart and enhance your performance? 

Growth never happens when you are in your comfort zone, so we’ve recorded practical, proactive tips to spotlight key areas to help you uplift your potential.

FRIDAY FUEL – every Friday Sara Eddington @culturecatcher and I share tips to enhance your performance. Below are ones we’ve recorded so far. We’d love you to join us on our Facebook page for up to date and relevant tips.

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Team Reset


Our 5-part July series is all about Activating Team Performance – proactive tips can you apply that will help you uplift your team to new heights.

The foundation of your team starts with BELONGING. As teams connect back together and learn (and adapt) to work in different ways, it’s important to spotlight TEAM BELONGING.

This week In Part 1 we focus on TEAM RESET.

We explore two main areas:

  • Team Culture
    Why are we in this together – what does it mean to be part of this team; why do I want to get out of bed and come to work to be part of this team
  • Values & Behaviours Spotlight
    Spotlighting team values; identifying how we live and breathe these everyday

June Series

Supporting others through times of uncertainty

Part 4 of 4


Part 4 of our 4-part series is setting yourself up for success when supporting others.

Keeping an eye out for others is key in times of uncertainty. Those around us may be acting out of character or holding up a front and trying to cope but need a helping hand. We are also human and going through our stuff; that is why practicing some key fundamental supporting actions can make a big difference.

  1. Todays’ Friday Fuel showcases:
  2. Showing up when people need us
  3. Knowing what role, they want you to take
  4. How to Respond (engage brain) rather than Reacting

Showing up Emotionally in Times of Change

Part 3 of 4


Right now, many people are being tested emotional in different ways. We are seeing people react to things they normally wouldn’t.

Part 3 in our 4-part series looks at ‘How you show up emotionally in times of change’.

It is about being human. When we front up, understand our triggers, have handling techniques we show up more professionally and we create a reputation we can be proud of and build our future on.

Key practical tips shared week:

  1. Identify your triggers, what this is costing you,
  2. Correction tips to re-adjust when you catch yourself
  3. Easy 3-step Self Awareness formula
  4. Showing up as a leader (bonus tip)

Match Your Energy to Workload

Part 2 of 4


Fire up your focus, feel energised to make things happen.
We share tips to help you gain back time in your day to do the things you want to.

  1. Review and spotlight your activity load
  2. Match your activity load to your energy

Optimise Your Energy

Part 1 of 4


Are you feeling like your energy is zapped? You’re not alone!
Our June series spotlights how to best set yourselves up in times of change.
We share three proactive tips.

  1. Understand your energy flow and boost your performance
  2. Manage your energy credits
  3. Set up for success with a focused morning routine

May Series

Attention Distraction

Part 2 of 2


If you feel like your attention is getting hijacked and distracted, check out these practical and proactive actions.

Easy 4-step formula to Reclaim your Focus.

  1. Clarify
  2. Eliminate
  3. Sprint-Reset
  4. Declutter

Attention Hijack

Part 1 of 2


Focus is not something you just have – it’s a skill you gain by training your mind.
We share three proactive tips.

  1. Easy 4-step formula to train your brain to pay attention.
  2. Reflect back on your conversations and rate how well you’re going being present and fully engaged
  3. Team hijack spotlight – A high-impact quick exercise for your team meetings.

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