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The Ultimate Template to break away from ARCHAIC Performance Reviews

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Future Focused Conversations Framework

’How-to’ performance series to Transform your Team Reviews

Our simple 3-step Future Focused Conversation Framework covers what to do, how to do it.

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7 min watch – Episode 1

Would you drive your car looking in the rear vision mirror?

Probably not, so why is it that when many businesses have reviews with their teams, they spend so much time rehashing the past?

If you’re looking to elevate your culture and performance, ditch the archaic annual ‘review’ process and transform your conversations, so you have greater connection with your teams and accelerate results –this 5-part ‘How-to’ Performance series is for you.

Our 3-step Future Focused Conversation Framework covers what to cover, how to cover it and indicates the time allocation for each part of your conversation:

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7 min watch – Episode 2

Can you imagine a time when neither you nor your team have any anxiety about having a performance discussion?

When you have regular and ongoing conversations about how your teams are progressing with goals, the Future Focused Conversations become centered not only on how the goal is going and whether it has been achieved – but about the lessons learned on the road to achieving those goals.

They truly land the “WIIFM” messaging.

Part 1 of our 3-step Future Focused Conversation framework shares with you how to have clear and structured debriefs.

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7 min watch – Episode 3

Not sure about you; but unless I really want to do something and are committed to it, the goal will drop down my priority list!

When we create better goal ownership our team members are super-charged to achieve their goals!

Taking that a step further, when we integrate our culture, values and behaviors into our goal setting – optimal performance by everyone can be achieved.

Part 2 of our Future Focused Conversation Framework shares with you the path to setting up your future goals for success.

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9 min watch – Episode 4

Often the most forgotten part of a Future Forward Conversation is the Personal Development Discussion. Yet, this is critical!

It helps people navigate ‘how’ to achieve performance; gets them involved in truly formative change that sticks AND builds on creating excitement and engagement.

Part 4 of our Future Focused Conversation Framework shares with you how to grow individual strengths and leverage their passion for what they do.

When creating personal goals, don’t just focus on learning on developing weaknesses. ALWAYS develop and maintain an upward trajectory of learning by improving and leveraging existing strengths.

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6 min watch – Episode 5

When there is a lot of change taking place, or there had been a lot of change across a team it can be difficult to keep track of what matters, focus on the right things, drive excitement and achieve results.

Part 5 of our Future Focused Conversation Framework identifies tactics for you to focus on what matters and keep driving momentum.

Practical tips shared:

Creating conversations that count

Chunk it down – 7, 14, 21 days

Target key behaviours and habits – set up actions that drive a forward trajectory

Celebrate success – including the small wins!

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We need to start a revolution to blow away all the archaic performance reviews that everyone hates!

Enjoy, transforming yours!

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