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Elevate Sales Success

Create a Motivated and Engaged Sales Team who not only deliver Results but love what they do!

What is your USP?

More often than not, when I ask a sales person or sales leader this questions, I don’t get a convincing response.  Locking down your USP gives you a competitive advantage to optimise.

How great would it be to have an empowered sales team, who deliver optimal results consistently as well as add huge value to your team culture?

When sales people feel confident and passionate, they can access new levels of talent and success. Courage allows sales people to beat call reluctance, to question up, inject personality into their pitch, give uplifting presentations, to follow up and close up, and so on.

Whether your team are National Account and Key Account team; New Business Development Managers, Key Account Managers we work across all levels and types of sales.

Key Success Principles to Elevate Sales Performance

Question UP

Great sales professionals ask more questions of their prospective clients and clients – they have an innate curiosity that naturally has them asking questions to really understand their potential needs, passions and pain points in order to tailor the offer is essential.

There is definitely a formula and framework that will have your sales team focused and having need based conversations with your clients, every time.

Value UP

The less confident the salesperson is in their sales story, the more often lower prices will be used as a success strategy. Being a passionate, compelling storyteller and talking through ‘personalised value’ rather than generic ‘features and benefits’ will push up the value of your product or service; land more deals and deliver the results the clients wants.

Let’s move your sales team away from being just order takers to proactive sales professionals.

Match UP

Questioning up (then of course listening up) leads to ‘matching up’. This is a GAME CHANGER, as I see this happening less and less.

Sales people can set themselves apart so easily by nailing this principle – it’s not hard you’ve just need to have done the discovery phase right, and keep the client as the pivot point.

All the clues and directions you need to match the offer to the individual client and close the deal are often there, waiting for you to lean in and ‘match’.

Structure UP

The most compelling salesperson can come unstuck with systems that let them down. Or worse, they have no systems at all. Getting organised and creating supportive structures is the answer to working smarter not harder.

I love the saying, ‘if it isn’t in the CRM’ it never happened.  The power of structure is to get people to realise that structure gives them freedom to pivot, it gives them a wealth of information and reminders so they just have to focus on what’s important.

Creating routines, rituals and habits will create high performance and increased satisfaction.

Style UP

The devil is in the detail. People are offer the huff and puff of archaic sales styles.  They want authenticity, they want consistency, respect and knowing that the sales person has their back.

The devil is in the detail, the style of all communications, meetings, emails, proposals, product or service delivery, follow-up – every step needs to be on brand and consistent.

Not throw a different style in to undone all your hard work of taking the unfamiliar to familiar, only to throw it back to unfamiliar!

Follow UP

Promise keepers earn respect. Being responsive and doing what you say you will, will take you a long way to becoming highly effective. Following-up is fundamental to closing the sale.

I also like to think of follow-up starting from the initial contact – it’s about creating and giving value, creating a valuable reason to be in contact again.

A valuable piece often missed in follow-up is optimise and upgrading the sale, post sale, asking for testimonials and referrals.

How we can help you

  • Create sales frameworks which provide the platform for optimal sales
  • Partner with you to create a Sales development programme that captures your organisational vision and values, your Customer Promise into a programme to increase capability, capacity and results
  • Create sales pitch frameworks and documents to increase conversion
  • Audit your Sales department performance and frameworks to identify areas of opportunity
  • Buddy call with your sales team for on the job assessment and coaching
  • Assist in creating a recruitment system to attract, recruit and retain top sales staff

Some of our most Popular Training Topics:

  • Essential Sales Elevators – optimising opportunities
  • Think UP for Sales Success – master the sales mindset
  • Negotiate UP – fundamental negotiation skills
  • Maximise your Key Accounts – manage the relationship as a strategic partner
  • Pitch UP, Deliver UP – write and present powerful sales communications and proposals
  • Your Call Your Opportunity – maximising every interaction with clear objectives