Step UP To Your Infinite Potential

Inspire Uplifting Sales Results

Are your people performing? If not, have you given them the tools, know-how and encouragement they need?

When sales people feel confident and passionate, they can access new levels of talent and success. Courage allows sales people to beat call reluctance, to question up, inject personality into their pitch, give uplifting presentations, to follow up and close up, and so on.

Whether your team are National Account and Key Account team; New Business Development Managers, Key Account Managers or Telesales we work across all levels and types of sales.

Did you know?

One in three sales people are non-performers?

Surprisingly even in the best companies Gallup found in a recent survey that 35% of the sales force did not have the talent necessary to achieve acceptable results.

*Ref = Gallup Poll

What we do:

  • Create sales frameworks which provide the platform for optimal sales
  • Create sales pitch frameworks and documents to increase conversion
  • Audit Sales department performance to identify areas of opportunity
  • Buddy call with your sales team for on the job assessment and coaching
  • Assist in creating a recruitment system to attract, recruit and retain top sales staff

Popular Topics:

  • Essential Sales Elevators – optimising opportunities
  • Think UP for Sales Success – master the sales mindset
  • Negotiate UP – fundamental negotiation skills
  • Maximise your Key Accounts – manage the relationship as a strategic partner
  • Pitch UP, Deliver UP – write and present powerful sales communications and proposals
  • Your Call Your Opportunity – telesales with purpose