Resilience and Capability

Increase capability and resiliency

How happy are your people to go the extra mile for you? Time management, efficiency, stress and resiliency are all interlinked.

Infinitus® focuses on resilience initiatives that pay measurable dividends to the employer and team member by increasing both their capacity and capability; through employee efficiency, managing stress and building resiliency.

What we do:

  • Time management initiative and projects:
  • Building capacity and capacity within the team
  • Resilience and wellness seminars and programmes

Popular Topics:

  • Make the Most of Every Minute – maximise your personal potential and productivity
  • Think UP to Build Resilience – power UP your energy, thoughts, emotions and reactions
  • Managing Stress, Emotions and Reactions – polish UP your handling techniques
  • Wellness Seminar Series – to engage and inspire resilience within your team

Did you know?

Your unfit staff are on average 12.5% less efficient after 3pm than your physically fit team members.


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