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Power UP your Public Speaking

Unlock your Authentic Style

Let's have you confident & rocking it!

If you’re nervous, you’re not alone.  Did you know, that public speaking is the number one fear of most human beings?

You can own that space in no time!

When you Power-Up your public speaking and captivate your audience like never before – you will inspire action.

Imagine, standing in front of your audience confident and filled with pride, knowing you’ve nailed it! Seeing them looking back at you, wanting you to go on.

You can stepup confidently to create and deliver captivating messages which ‘wow’ your audience and inspire the action or outcome you desire.

Our coaching and programmes are beyond your standard public speaking or presentation programmes – we work with you to bring out YOUR AUTHENTIC STYLE, we help you unlock your natural POTENTIAL (yes, it’s there) and equip you with the tools, confidence and framework to ENGAGE, INFLUENCE, INSPIRE and PERSUADE your audience.

We equip you so you can truly engage with your audience so they think, feel and take action – create RELEVANCE and MEANING in their world and leave them with clear valuable take-aways.

We help you create compelling messages, tell concise and relevant stories, and build your confidence when speaking both formally and informally.

We’ve all heard of flight, flight and freeze! Speaking to peers or strangers is up there as a top fear for most people.

My absolute #1 PASSION in life is presenting and equipping others to do the same – that may sound weird, but I thrive when public speaking. Over 25 years mastering and continually improving my craft; working with over 10,150 clients, I’ve created a simple but powerful formula – that’s easy to work with, it pivots with your style and message and best of all it will ELEVATE YOUR VERY NEXT MESSAGE!

The skills and confidence learnt with us automatically translate into improving and enriching all your day-to-day communications, not just when you’re public speaking.

Key Principles to Unlock Your Authentic Style so You Nail it!

Word Up

Ever been in a situation where you’ve forgotten what you were going to say, or you see your audience zone out? Our Word-UP principle will change all that!

By honing in on WHO you are communicating with, WHAT your key objectives are, WHY you need to communicate and HOW and WHEN, gives you a strong baseline to then our GAME CHANGERS: ‘chunking-it-up’ (bite-size pieces); ‘framing-it-up’ (giving appropriate structures); and ‘pitching-it-up’ (the right tone for the audience).

This principle alone, will revolutionise your message and increase your confidence 10-fold!


Stand Up

80% of your message’s impact is down to your style, persona, energy and delivery.

We work with you to unlock and enhance your natural potential (yes, it’s in there!); so you can show case you! It is your authentic self that your audience will connect to you!

Your ability to leverage the power of your mind, showcase your unique style, be intentional with your body language, use your voice to draw your audience in, will have you delivering uplifting and captivating messages that inspire action.

Story Up 

People engage in our message with they are see value, meaning and are emotionally drawn in. Purposeful story-telling with a clear and relevant point, will take your messages to a totally new level. 

Best of all you’ll have fun telling them because you’ll see them connecting with your audience and them coming alive.

Meaningful stories, change the way we think, feel and act!


Tool Up 

You probably never have hours to spend planning and writing out your messages – we’ve got you covered.  

We have a vault full of great templates and guides that you will have full access to. Our Presentation Planner; has cut down some of our clients planning from 4-6-hours down to 1-2 hours! 


Theme Up 

Great messages capture us with an underlying theme. Like a good story, key facts, characters, information and audience interactions are weaved together, bound by a common idea. Just as each chapter guides the reader (or audience) to the conclusion we want them to make, ‘theming-up’ is a means to transform the mundane into an uplifting and engaging message. 


Polish Up 

Think of a time, where you knew how to do something the first time you did it. Chances are, you practised to master it.

Public speaking is no different – and we show you hacks to make this fun and fast. 

If you never thought that you could public speak without PowerPoint or a full set of notes to lean on – I promise you, you will be able to, in no time. 

Some of the ways we can help you

  • How would you like it? We tailor what we do to suit you – whether it be in the form of coaching, in-person, virtual (or combo) programmes 
  • Help you and your team unlock your authentic public speaking style so you come alive and start to really enjoy presenting
  • Work with you to develop Presentation and Pitch frameworks which connect and drive results
  • Help you and your team develop and present compelling messages for conferences or any public speaking event
  • Create presentation frameworks across your business so there is a level of consistency, blended with authenticity – rather than same old, same old which automatically has people yawning
  • Build presentation and communication capability within your teams to enhance confidence, capacity; improve culture and enhance understanding

Some of our most Popular Topics

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  • Power UP your Communications – tools and techniques for maximum impact
  • Present UP with the Wow Factor – capture your audience
  • Leading through Compelling Stories and Communication
  • Write and Present Compelling Sales pitches – maximising your conversion ratio
  • Become and Uplifting Trainer – design and deliver captivating training that works