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As a leader you are always pivoting, always observing and changing it up.  I like to think great leadership is like a top tennis player, their feet are always moving, adjusting – they’re never still and never just letting things pass them by. We want you to be agile, fit and energised, and not feel like at overwhelmed ‘juggler!’

Think back to a leader you’ve aspired to, a leader in your past who really has made a big difference in your life and to the organisation you’ve worked in. What were the qualities they had, that gave them that stand out factor?

When we partner with our clients to spotlight Culture, Strategy and Leadership in their organisations, it’s always multifaceted and it’s always bespoke to them.  The main reason for that, is who wants vanilla, who wants average, the same thing that someone else is doing – definitely not us or our clients.  We disrupt, we challenge, we inspire you to think differently, look at refining ways of working and changing it up.

To be a continually successful organisation and leader you need to be learning, growing and trying new things – you also need to have clarity of where you currently are, where you’re headed and why. You need that clear Strat-on-a-Page, a Game plan and the right people in the right roles; and the right culture to support this.

Creating an optimal culture doesn’t happen over night, though knowing you have as partnering with you to assist with shaping your culture, defining your vision, values (standards as we also like to call them) and purpose and defining what are your strategic goals; what does success look like to you; you will be comfortable we have your back.

Engaging leaders know how to get the best out of themselves and those around them. They pick up on those subtle cues and are always adjusting their style.  We love working with ambitious leaders who truly want to make a difference.   After working with leaders for over two decades, I must say nothing is more rewarding that assisting people to unlock their potential and then watch them unlock the potential of their organisation and team.

Key Principles Ambitious Leaders Focus On

Culture UP

Imagine being the place that the best people want to work and thrive when working with you.

Creating a healthy culture is exciting – it is so rewarding when you see the connection, energy and productivity a truly engaged team have.  Having in place an inspiring vision, a clear purpose, values (or standards) that everyone in your team connects is fundamental to organisational and leadership success.

Let’s help you take your values and vision off the wall and make it a reality!

Start UP

Strategic planning doesn’t have to be hard work – if anything it can be exciting and invigorating when done well.

If you had you were clear on your vision, strategic focus areas and pillars … had the goals and tactical in place – imagine just for a moment how much clarity it would give you and your team.

Authenticity UP

A key success factor for a great leader is AUTHENTICITY – someone who knows who they are, what they stand for.  They know and play to their strengths and use those to bring out the best in others and their organisation.

You can definitely spot a quietly confident and capable leader who is self awareness, and has a high level of emotional intelligence any day!

Coach UP

Most of us can remember a leader who was uplifting and motivational. They likely grew our strengths, encouraged our unique abilities and stemmed our weaknesses with new knowledge. To truly coach people to new heights is to lead by example and inspire them.

A coach knows how to change it up to suit the person, the goals and the environment.  Two top skills of a successful coach is asking questions and creating the space for the person to reflect, answer and discover.

Open UP

Many leaders are placed in leadership roles because they were effective in their previous position, not necessarily because they have the leadership competencies to draw out the best in individuals as an uplifting leader.

Learning to be open minded to new ways of leading (not managing) is crucial and the first step in development.
We love working with you to create a growth and learning mindset so in all situations and with every person you’re always learning, growing and optimising your performance.

Tool UP

Just as a surgeon cannot operate without the right instruments, great leaders are well resourced with tips, techniques and case models to draw on.

We have a Leadership Toolkit just waiting for you! It’s pack full of templates and hacks to make you’re role as a leader easier, clearer and to minimise overwhelm – imagine going home with energy to do other things you love!

WARNING: We do like to challenge the norm – we’re big on working with leaders on throwing out archaic performance reviews that everyone hates (let’s be honest); instead replacing them with our Future Forward Conversations framework – which leaves you as a leader and your team pumpt up and off!

Listen UP

Seek first to understand then to be understood is a famous Stephen Covey principle of highly effective people and one that We focus on in training.

Flex UP

Wimbledon is not won by waiting for the ball to come to you. Being flexible and having the ability to shift your style and communication technique in response to different people and situations is key to leadership agility. This is especially so in difficult economic times.

In all out leadership approaches it’s always about observation, adjusting and delivery.


How we can help you

  • Driving Organisational Performance – assisting you with your Business planning, Converting Strategy into deliverable tactical plans, creating 30, 60, 90 day Plans for true traction
  • Creating an empowered Culture – partnering with you to design or update your Vision, Values (Standards) and Purpose
  • Increasing capability and capacity of business leaders at all levels from 1 day to programmes spanning 8 months
  • Running Comprehensive, Intensive Leadership Retreats to fully immerse your leaders for greater impact, growth and ROI
  • Focus and shaping of future leaders

Some of our most Popular Training Topics:

  • Leading Teams – a platform for all new leaders or leaders wanting a refresher
  • Enhanced Leadership – build driven and productive teams
  • Business Planning – drive UP business performance with a clear vision and game plan
  • Performance Enhancers – tactics to UP productivity
  • Coach UP for Winning Results – inject success into your on-the-job coaching
  • Using Reviews to Motivate – Tool UP – conversations that motivate and drive engagement and results
  • Attract Stars – drive UP your recruitment success
  • Pump up your Sales Team – strategies to drive motivation and productivity
  • Making Meetings Pay – structuring UP for results-focused meetings

  • Fundamentals of Project Management – structure UP for success
  • Values for Winning Teams – creating a foundation platform for behaviours and qualities which drive performance
  • Attract Stars – drive UP your recruitment success
  • Pump up your Sales Team – strategies to drive motivation and productivity