Step UP To Your Infinite Potential

Inspiring uplifting leaders

In a talent-short market, organisation’s need managers to LEAD UP. Do you have empowering leaders?
An uplifting leader will elevate people to new levels of personal and professional success. They will coach and inspire their team; shifting their style to suit different personalities and situations.

Did you know?

When Gallup surveyed over 1,000,000 employees they found that the biggest single reason people left their jobs was because of their boss?
With the cost of staff attrition estimated at 18 months salary of a professional worker, can your organisation afford shabby leaders?

Ref: Gallup Poll

What we do:

  • Driving Organisational Performance e.g. Business planning, Converting Strategy into deliverable tactical plans
  • Creating empowering Cultures – e.g. HR frameworks, designing Vision, Values and Purpose
  • Increasing capability and capacity of business leaders at all levels
  • Focus and shaping of future leaders

Popular topics

  • Leading Teams – a platform for all new leaders or leaders wanting a refresher
  • Enhanced Leadership – build driven and productive teams
  • Business Planning – drive UP business performance with a clear vision and game plan
  • Performance Enhancers – tactics to UP productivity
  • Coach UP for Winning Results – inject success into your on-the-job coaching
  • Using Reviews to Motivate – Tool UP – Performance and Development Reviews
  • Attract Stars – drive UP your recruitment success
  • Pump up your Sales Team – strategies to drive motivation and productivity
  • Making Meetings Pay – structuring UP for results-focused meetings
  • Fundamentals of Project Management – structure UP for success
  • Values for Winning Teams – creating a foundation platform for behaviours and qualities which drive performance