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How often have you tried to change the way you do things, to start something new only to become discouraged.

We work with you to CREATE LASTING change through targeting performance pillars with a simple, scientifically based formula that has you succeeding from the first time you try it.

cut out the overwhelm and replace IT with success and clarity!

Are you and your team performing at your best?

Not sure about you, but I must say, I’m a bit over the word, ‘balance’! When I visualise, ‘balance’ I see myself trying to balance everything and being on high alert while I do. I’ve asked others and they’ve said they see the something similar.

A bit of disruption elevates performance ….. so I’ve started replacing the word balance, with ‘harmony’.  Our life, is our life; we don’t have two lives – there isn’t work and non-work; it’s one life.

Our performance pillars acknowledge this and are built on this principle – how do we achieve our aspiration, unlock our potential and perform at our best in all areas of our life. It’s the blending together and the synergistic effect, that for us is getting the biggest cut through with our clients.

When there is alignment we get the best level of enhanced performance.  If that’s resonating with you, then you’ll love to explore our performance pillars – mindset, being authetic, shaping a reputation that works for you, spotlighting our daily habits, and creating performance routines PLUS exploring our resilience pillars – breathing, sleep, nutrition, hydration and movement. We believe these are key foundations for enhanced performance, resiliency and being our best.

We unlock potential, converting it into enhanced performance through spotlighting resilience initiatives. This uplifts your level of fulfillment, confidence, capacity and capability.

Performance Pillars to help you achieve more

Brand UP

Knowing why we do what we do, what we stand for, what we want to achieve enables us to shape a game plan and reputation to get us there.

Think UP

Each one of us has an ‘infinite mind’ one which can assist us to reach new heights (or derail us). The power of our mind, our thoughts shape our feelings, behaviour and results.

Cue UP

Our habits create our reality; every moment we do something we are shaping our future. By spotlighting our habits we can take ownership and uplift our performance to new heights.

Routine UP

Creating routines that set us for success are pivotal to being the best we can be. Managing our energy, creating balance, reclaiming our attention and not being allowing our attention to be hijack are all areas we spotlight to ensure you make the most of every moment.

Goal UP

Having a goal or aspiration that excites you gives you clarity and focus.  Lock that in and then review, where are you now. Once you have your current situation and your desired future state, we can look at the gap and create a tactical game plan to get you there.


Breathe UP

You probably aren’t surprised that the way we breathe impacts our level of resilience and performance. Breathing workshops teach the principles of breathing up to elevate your state and feed the body the right levels of oxygen

Sleep UP

The importance of good sleep is highlighted by the fact that we can live longer without food than we can without sleep. Sleep is a healthy state of renewal and regeneration. We share sleep principles to help you achieve healthy sleeping patterns.

Eat UP

Nutrition is vital and underpins our performance. We focus on the principles of healthy eating so you can fuel your body for optimal performance. Our modules are designed by a Clinical Nutritionist with over 10 years of practical experience.

Drink UP

As humans we are composed of approximately 70% water. It is no wonder we suffer mentally from poor hydration when we do not drink up. We believe correct hydration is central to resilience and performance.

Move UP

Our bodies are made to move. It is not about going out and hitting the streets, our principles are aligned with keeping your body moving and stretching in the best way that suits you.


How we can help you

Performance elevating initiatives and projects:
  • Our Your Infinite Potential Formula(TM) – interactive and live online programme
  • Tailored Masterclasses and Keynote speaking events to inspire you and your team to take their performance up to the next level
  • Holding virtual RESET Challenges – 3-5 part series
  • Performance Labs – short sharp virtual series
  • Elevating Performance seminars and programmes

Some of our most Popular Topics

  • Your Signature – defining your authentic brand and professional brand so you can ensure you reach your goals with ease
  • Resilience UP – applying our resilience performance pillar hacks, you’ll build resilience and have more energy to do the things you love
  • Routine UP – 5 hacks to increase your productivity, quality and enjoyment instantly
  • Tiny UP – Create sustainable and life changing habits and routines, to increase your success, resilience and aspirations
  • Make the Most of Every Minute – maximise your personal potential and productivity
  • Think UP to Build Resilience – power UP your energy, thoughts, emotions and reactions
  • Managing Stress, Emotions and Reactions – polish UP your handling techniques
  • Elevating Performance Seminar Series – to engage and inspire resilience within your team