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Did you know?

More customers leave because of poor customer service than leave for product reasons.
*Ref = Gallup Poll

There is a huge difference between transactional and a true experience.

We spotlight the ‘experience’ so all interactions are 100% focused on the customer.

Customer relationships both internally and externally cannot replicated. When your customer experience principles are clear they can be lived and breathed so your customer is delighted!

Delight Your customers

It’s not what you say about your business – but what your customers say about it that counts. How do you think you’d rate? Successful businesses realise that their only sustainable and unique point of difference is the service experience they offer their customers.

Our Uplifting Customer Experience Principles

Skill UP

Be 100% present with your customer. Truly being there, asking genuine questions and listening to understand their priorities, views and requirements means increased connection, empathy and puts you in the power seat to deliver great service.

Tailor UP

Once you are skilled up and you understand your customer better, it is then time to tailor up your offering. Matching your products and services to exactly what they need. Do not product dump, tailor and differentiate!

Speed UP

Just like us customers work to different speeds. To ensure connection and delivery of the best experience we need to assess the speed the customer needs to be able to feel we have taken the time to listen, understand and resolve. Speed UP is about your voice, the speed you approach, walk with, the level of thinking space they need. Remember it is about them, not you!

Follow UP

Often once a sale is made the customer is forgotten, you can differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd when you have a comprehensive follow-up strategy. This discipline also opens the doors for testimonials and referrals.

Write UP

If you have customer records take the time to record your interactions and next steps. These gives you an amazing platform to leverage, be proactive and deliver great experiences now and in the future.

What we do

  • Analysis of Customer journey and touch points
  • Establishing Customer Experience standards and service levels
  • Building customer service capability

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