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Elevating Goal Success


Get to the heart of goal setting with these 4 success factors.

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7 min watch – Episode 1

Do you set goals with others but still not getting the traction you want?

In this series we will spotlight one success FACTOR each week. You guessed it, we kick off today with Part 1 – COLLABORATE

COLLABORATE is all about Connection, engagement, creating momentum and excitement .. it also creates relevancy and ignites passion to see a goal through.

Practical tips shared:

  1. Lead with Purpose and Intent – Dual involvement will deliver you success
  2. Challenge your leadership style to powerup your Collaboration craft
  3. Change up the Coaching vs. Directive approach dependent on your audience and goal
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7 min watch – Episode 2

Let’s lock in solid foundations that set everyone up for success.

When everyone is clear on the goal and expectations; passion and motivation is ignited.

The clearer the goal the greater chance of success; less room for misinterpretation – so people are less likely to go off on a different tangent.

Another key part is Linking to a larger business goal. This creates meaning and purpose, a sense of security and definition. Everyone knows the part they play in their own success, the team’s success and the businesses success.

Practical tips shared: 

  1. Make each word count
  2. Make it measurable
  3. Have a timeframe
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7 min watch – Episode 3

High performance is created when you learn to BECOME COMFORTABLE FEELING UNCOMFORTABLE.

To achieve more we need to stretch yourselves, step out of the comfort zone and do new things.

It is with this ‘stretch’ that great things happen.

The stretch needs to be big enough to elevate performance but not too big that it throws you int overwhelm.

Correctly designed Stretch goals sets you up for success!

Practical tips shared: 

  1. Tailor to the person for best traction
  2. Effect Recent performance has on how the person sees stretch goals
  3. Resources wrap around the success of the goal to an optimal part
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6 min watch – Episode 4

Build on the excitement and momentum! This is the stage where everything can unravel so don’t miss this out.

As you go through the full goal setting conversation you need to be SEEKING AGREEMENT AT EVERY STEP.

This way there are less likely to be any surprises at the end.

Practical tips shared: 

  1. Seek agreement every step of the way (not just at the end)
  2. Watch your ‘talk time’ – ask open ended questions
  3. Observe, watch for cues and offer reassurances – don’t let issues slide
  4. Seek understanding and start points in their own words

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