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Create a Culture you’re proud to lead

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8 min watch – Episode 1

Workplace Culture: What’s the hype? Why’s it relevant? What does it mean? How’s it going to help me? What’s important?

Practical tips shared:

  1. Culture – what is it and why is it relevant?
  2. Get a quick overview of your pulse – do the “Temperature Check”
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7 min watch – Episode 2

Getting started with Culture change is often one of the hardest parts – here’s tips to frame up for success on your Culture journey. 

Practical tips shared: 

  1. Four steps to improving your culture
  2. Four foundations elements for your culture 
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7 min watch – Episode 3

An inclusive workplace culture helps keep you and your team agile, fresh and moving forward.  

Practical tips shared: 

  1. 3 steps to amp up your culture with more inclusivity   
  2. Leveraging influence and the magic power of ‘5’  

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10 min watch – Episode 4

Let’s get some excitement around Values, get those creative juices flowing and have everyone involved to create meaningful Values – that stick.  

Practical tips shared:  

  1. Don’t be hampered by convention
  2. Create the traction your values deserve
  3. Get those action statements 
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9 min watch – Episode 5

The power is in the collective – what are all the things you do that your team members that they really value?  

Bundle those incredible activities to lift engagement, bring out the best in your people, have an enviable brand – be the place everyone wants to work!  

Practical tips shared:  

  1. How to leverage all the great things you do 
  2. Explore 2 of 7 pillars in our EVP model to get you bundling!

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11 min watchEpisode 6 of 8

Reward and recognition programmes are all about reinforcing the positive behaviours we want from our employees and meaningful programmes can help build morale, create a sense of achievement and assist with retention.  

Practical tips shared:  

  1. Reviewing and building your reward and recognition plan
  2. How well do you know me? 
  3. Getting pay right – it’s your values and reputation at stake here! 

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10 min watch – Episode 7

Here’s the last 3 pillars of our 7 pillar EVP model – imagine when you bundle everything up the power and excitement you’ll create.

Key practical tips shared this week:

  1. Growth and its’ application to your people
  2. Community give-back and buy-in from your team
  3. Getting your ‘flow on’ – locking in your resilience pillars
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10 min watch – Episode 8

Culture change is about an evolution not a revolution. So, get fired up to make change happen in your business and really lift the engagement, positivity, and productivity across your teams with successful change habits.

Key practical tips shared this week: 

  1. 2 types of change and a great read to help people deal with it.
  2. Key stages of your change process and what to look out for.

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