Tell a better story – get more sales!

In the wake of lagging sales, a sales team within the competitive media industry asked Infinitus® for help with a better approach to sales. What we did: With fresh eyes and our sales hats on, we reviewed current sales...


Preparing for the ‘Change’ journey

A medium sized company about to embark on a journey of significant change used RESILIENCE training as a means to re-energise and prepare its people for the road ahead. What we did: A ThinkUP for Resilience workshop was rolled...


Travel company reaches new heights in satisfaction

A well-known travel brand had been guilty of transactional selling and needed to make a change. Time to focus on the customer experience – after all, travel is about making memories. What we did: Designed a bespoke programme which...


Upskilling Presentation Capability

A large international organisation had recognised the need to dramatically improve their senior manager’s presentation and communication capability. What we did: Delivered a multifaceted, practical-learning, storytelling and presenting solution. The blended learning solution included workshops, personal recordings, self-analysis and...


Big retail chain uplifts its culture

A lack of employee engagement drove a leadership programme to re-energise a well-known NZ retailer. What we did: A multifaceted cultural audit was the first step to revitalising the culture at this organisation. The Executives and Board agreed to...


Uplifting Sales Results Achieved

One of NZ largest finance organisations needed to deliver a refreshed and multi-disciplined sales programme. Infinitus® stepped in to develop the sales team to achieve new paradigms of success. What we did: Infinitus® commenced with a full analysis of...



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