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Alex Davids

High Performance Coach

Alex is a global high-performance coach focused on helping leaders, business owners and teams maximize performance and decrease their overall effort to ensure that their performance (and therefore profitability) is sustainable. She approaches high performance through uniquely integrated coaching methodologies from a multitude of disciplines.

A background in psychology, Alex originally founded and spent several years running an advertising and values development business for corporate organizations, leveraging the internal and external impact of both personal and company values on sustainability.

She has spent 14 years business coaching SMEs and Corporates, (their businesses and their executives), primarily in the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia and Dubai, recently relocating home to New Zealand.

Alex is passionate about increasing the energy levels and the sustainability of individuals within the workplace. She works closely with her clients to ensure they are able to build long-lasting approaches to their businesses and their lives and reap the rewards of understanding themselves, their work and their drivers fully.