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Activating Team Performance

Proactive tips can you apply that will help you uplift your team to new heights.

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6 min watch – Episode 1

Our 5 part July series is all about Activating Team Performance – proactive tips can you apply that will help you uplift your team to new heights.

The foundation of your team starts with BELONGING. As teams connect back together and learn (and adapt) to work in different ways, it’s important to spotlight TEAM BELONGING.

This week In Part 1 we focus on TEAM RESET.

Practical tips shared:

  • Team Culture
    Why are we in this together – what does it mean to be part of this team; why do I want to get out of bed and come to work to be part of this team
  • Values & Behaviours Spotlight
    Spotlighting team values; identifying how we live and breathe these everyday
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6  min watch  – Episode 2


We’re heading into the last 3rd  and 4th  of the calendar  year  so Sara and I wanted to share some practical tips for keeping your team focused.

TEAM FOCUS – is always important.  But  right  now, we need to make sure we RESET and spotlight team focus.

Just because  our prior plans and focus were  correct –  it  doesn’t  mean  they  will be  the  right  activities for  right now.

Practical tips shared:

1.  30, 60, 90 day plans

  • ID a team goal; Strat goal
  • Brainstorm the mini goals/milestones that need to be hit to achieve the goal
  • Add in detail – Key tasks
  • Add in priority order
  • Who is leading this?
  • Follow-up – reviews and refine

2.  5, 14, 21 Day Activity Plan

Taking your 30,60,90 day  plan – it’s time to make it come to life. Get laser focused on exactly what is the focus areas;  creating  clarity, direction and purpose.

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9 min watch – Episode 3

This is your time as a leader to genuinely step up and master the meetings you run.

Practical tips shared:

  1. #1 VALUE – VALUE  VALUE  VALUE  It’s simple but effective – people will stay focused if they are getting something out of it.
  2. BE RUTHLESS, challenge your meetings, ask for feedback, ask what they want, need etc.
  4. ACTIVE ROLES – what will each person do? - simple roles that create great connection and ownership
  5. KEEP ENERGY UP – interaction + 7-min energy state changes
  6. KNOW & USE YOUR TECH - Know how to screen share, use break out rooms
  7. VALUE + INTERACTION - Use the online functions e.g. chat, polls
  8. Try and have a  MODERATOR, especially with larger groups.
  9. ESTABLISH GROUND RULES  e.g. keep videos on and remove the easy distractions
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7 min watch – Episode 4

A recent study from the US has shown that one of the most important components of a recognition program is peer to peer feedback.

This week we spotlight tools you can implement with your team to uplift their performance:

Practical tips shared:

  1. CATCH – scene setting so your team can ‘catch’ each doing great work and give positive feedback
  2. ACCOUNTABILITIES BUDDIES – developing strength within your team so the right work gets done and the ‘busy’ factor becomes a distant memory
  3. GRATITUDE – learning how to show up and show thanks and appreciation for others.
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6 min watch – Episode 5

GROW EXPONENTIALLY by encouraging robust debate.

To be agile we need to challenge the status quo.

You might think you know what’s right, but if you stop listening, you could miss out on that one thing that could elevate performance.

Creating a safe and healthy culture that supports and encourages the sharing of different perspectives, leads to functional healthy constructive debate. Encouraging the expression of ideas and thoughts even if they contradict the status quo reaps rewards all-round.

Practical tips shared:

TIP #1 : Change the State – reframe, rephrase and take control back

TIP #2 – Take them on a Journey – explore and expand their thought process

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