Drive up business performance through leadership capability


Create exceptional sales results that become the norm not just a lucky strike

Presentation & Communication

Deliver compelling presentations and communicate confidently

Customer Experience

Create a unique point of difference through delightful customer experiences

Resilience & Capability

Build a healthy, resilient team and increase capability as a result



Our practical and intensive leadership retreat programmes deliver a true ‘out of office’ experience so you have a clear mind, greater creativity and learning capacity; you can focus with like-minded leaders in an inspirational location. Our courses are designed to be fully immersive to give you skills and strategies to implement immediately.

We’re co-founders of the Leadership Collective, who offer comprehensive, accelerated leadership development programmes, which have been designed based on 20 years of proven and practical experience assisting businesses and leaders throughout New Zealand and internationally grow and transform.
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Step UP to your infinite potential.®

We partner with clients to create customised  training and human development solutions to meet real business needs.

Infinitus® offer practical, proven solutions to increase business performance, streamline procedures and get people performing at the top of their game. Happily!

Ultimately, we shape leaders, mindsets and cultures for the better.

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+ Performance

Opportunities/UP and coming

Word UP

  • You’ve role modelled everything you’ve asked us to do. We’ve watched you and learnt. Positive environment where we could try, make mistakes and then polish. Have learnt a lot and I am going away with a lot to work on.

    Regional Manager

  • Enhanced my knowledge and attitude. Defines the importance of communication. Leadership is about building relationships and values. Thank you very much.

    Sales Manager

  • Gave us the knowledge and understanding of how to deal with our emotions and how the choices we make that can affect others.

    Senior Manager

  • Dynamic, dedicated and down to earth! Fully understood our business and delivered immediate business results. 

    HR Manager

  • The workshop reminded every one of us that every customer is different and that every transaction must have a personal touch, a service worth remembering or sharing.

    Customer Service Consultant

  • I implemented the framing into my team communications and it was so much better – they really got it! It was so natural. I’m feeling so much more confident.

    Sonia, Regional Manager

  • The results of Infinitus® initiatives increase our revenue over an either year period by $3 million

    Lauri, General Manager

  • Sales figures lifted within 48 hrs of attending the workshop

    Sales Manager

  • The day after my programme the framework saved me half a day and a lot of head scratching. Actually made the process enjoyable!

    Joe, Senior Manager

  • Kirsten’s success was outstanding. The result of these initiatives increased our revenue over eight years by approximately three million dollars.

    Andrew Patel, Regional Manager


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