Who are we?

Infinitus® is a reputable Australasian professional development company.

We assist people and organisations to step up to their infinite potential in two key ways:

  • By increasing the human capacity for success
    Change UP the capability of your people. Increase know-how, skillsets, resilience and engagement.
  • By removing the procedural barriers and limitations to success
    Streamline systems, introduce best-practice frameworks and tools for greatest  efficiency. Then train people in the use of them.

Why are we in business?

To assist people and organisations to step up to their infinite potential.

Through uplifting, measurable professional development solutions we strive to transform the way people live, work and play.

“The human mind, body and spirit hold an infinite reservoir of potential. We are excited to assist businesses and people to uplift and unlock their potential. Converting potential into enhanced performance.”


Areas of Expertise


Drive up business performance
through leadership capability


Create exceptional sales results
that become the norm
not just a lucky strike

Presentation & Communication

Deliver compelling presentations
and communicate confidently

Customer Experience

Create a unique
point of difference
through delightful
customer experiences

High Performance

Build a healthy,
resilient team
and increase capability
as a result

Intense Leadership Retreats
We are co-founders of the Leadership Collective, who offer comprehensive, accelerated leadership development programmes, which have been designed based on 20 years of proven and practical experience assisting businesses and leaders throughout New Zealand and internationally grow and transform.

Our practical and intensive leadership retreat programmes deliver a true ‘out of office’ experience so you have a clear mind, greater creativity and learning capacity; you can focus with like-minded leaders in an inspirational location. Our courses are designed to be fully immersive to give you skills and strategies to implement immediately.

Step UP to your Infinite Potential®
We partner with clients to create customised  training and human development solutions to meet real business needs.
Infinitus® offer practical, proven solutions to increase business performance, streamline procedures and get people performing at the top of their game. Happily!
Ultimately, we shape leaders, mindsets and cultures for the better.

Infinitus® professional development solutions will typically be comprised of a mixture of the following products and services:


Turn problems into solutions with strategic consulting advice. We can assist with as little as a conversation or as much as a full developmental blueprint.


Adapt our proven template structures and frameworks to uplift performance, streamline processes and remove barriers to business success.


Interactive practical development workshops. Bespoke – or choose from a range of proven topics from our areas of expertise.


Close the gaps on capability and motivate your people with a series of how-to seminars delivered by seasoned professionals.


Work with our experienced team – to coach the best performance from your team; increase confidence, uplift skillsets and knowhow.


Infinitus offers a range of professional conference speakers and MC’s OR:
We can help upskill your own people to deliver compelling presentations confidently.

What our clients say

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